Light bulb comparisons

Find out what are the advantages and disadvantages of different types of light bulbs.

Incandescent bulbs

Some advantages are that these types of bulbs are very cheap. They come in many shapes and sizes and many colors.

They are great for dimmer switches, but on the other hand they have a very short life span and they are poor efficient because most of the energy is transformed in heat. Another disadvantage is that over time they tend to have high costs.

Incandescent bulbs

These are one of the best light sources on the market. They are very energy efficient and they don’t get very hot. The give a bright, diffuse light, and can come in many colors. Disadvantages are just a few and include somewhat higher initial costs and that they are very sensitive to low air temperatures.

Metal halide

These light sources are very cheap, very efficient and have a very long life span. The problem is that there is a small variety of fixtures selections, mainly for outdoor use. The initial cost are much higher than ordinary bulbs and have a potential for glare.

High pressure sodium

They are very good if you want very low operating costs – this means they are very efficient, and have a very long life span. The disadvantages are that they are very expensive, they have a strong glare, poor color rendition and are mainly used for outdoor illumination.

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