About furnace filters

Furnace filters, just like any other filters, need a periodical check up. Once in a few months they will need to be replaced in order to maintain the furnace working at full efficiency.

Saving money

Furnace filters stop dust from getting in the system.

If the filters get clogged, then the system will struggle more to circulate the same amount of air through your home. This means extra costs with energy and also with repairs and maintenance.

But filters don’t just stop the dust from entering your home. They stop lint, pet dander, and also mold, plant spores etc. They will protect you from respiratory problems. You will protect those people that have asthma, allergies and other respiratory related problems.

Filter options

Standard filters are made from spun fiberglass, cloth or open cell foam. They are very cheap, like $1 each. They are not very effective at removing dust, just 10% is filtered and removed.

Reusable filters are much better than standard filters, as these retain more dust. However, cleaning them can be a nightmare and to work effectively, they will need to be cleaned very good.

Pleated disposable filters are much better at retaining dust than the previous two. They are normal filters, folded in a series of pleats. You end up with more surface to catch dust particles. They remove up to 40% of the dust in the air. They cost $5 to $10 each.

The best filters that you can use for a furnace are high efficiency pleated filters. They use fibers charged electrostatic to attract the particles. They capture up to 30 times more particles than normal filters. They are much more expensive, about $25 each.

Filter check up

Once a month you should go down your basement and check the filter. See if it’s dirty and replace it or clean it. It doesn’t really matter how much the filters cost, as long as they protect you and your loved ones.

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