Baluster candle holders

Baluster candle holders are a great addition to any home, especially if you have an old baluster that you want to revive from its old days. These candle holders not only bring a source of light but also bring interest to those areas.

Tools and materials:

  • Old Balusters
  • Molding
  • Drill
  • Saw
  • Board
  • Adhesive
  • Hammer
  • Nails and screwdriver

Preparing the baluster

You will need to cut the baluster’s ends and level them.

Use a saw to do that. Now sand and smooth both of the baluster’s ends. The top end needs to have a 1inch hole in the center where the candle will be positioned.

Making the base

Now you have to decide on the size of the base, considering that it needs to be resistant enough to sustain the weight of the baluster. The wider the base the more stable the candle holder will be. Saw the molding to the correct size after you have decided on the size. Use adhesive to place the molding around the base.

Finishing the baluster

After you have decorated the base, put the bottom of the baluster into the center of the base and then use some adhesive to glue them together. Use a heavy object to put it on top of the baluster. The object needs to be light enough to avoid any damage to the baluster. Let the adhesive dry over night. Now turn it upside down and use a nail or a screwdriver to even better fix the base.


Now all you need to do is use your creative side. You can use a wide range of paints, depending on your desires. Use gold paint to paint some thin lines and give the candle holder an old look. Also you can use medieval paint for the old look. Use colored candles and melt some wax to fix the candle in place.

For an impressive look, you can use an old and thick book as a base. Glue the pages together to make the base resistant and then drill a hole through it. You can then use paint, ribbons etc.

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