Building a spiral staircase

Spiral staircases are great for homes that have a limited space for stairs. They are very aesthetically pleasant and they will surely enhance the look of your home. Here’s what you need to do to build your own spiral staircase.

  1. First of all you will need to check your local building codes. If you have ordered a staircase kit, then some companies may not send you the kit until they see a signature from the building inspector.
  2. For an easier start you can begin from a loft. If you will install the staircase near a wall, then it may be harder for your to get the turn and headroom right.
  3. You will need to set the staircase so you have enough headroom. 6 feet 6 inches should be the right size for the headroom.
  4. Next measure the diameter and the height of the staircase. Add at least 2 inches to the diameter for the handrails.
  5. Now calculate the height of the treads. The width is the outside of the steps and not the inside.
  6. Next, select the type of wood for your staircase.
  7. It’s time to cut the stair risers. They need to be only 4 inches wide. If they are cut wider, they will curl.
  8. If the risers are made from multiple parts, glue them together, after sanding the cut marks.
  9. To get the circular center, use a band saw to cut the inner part of the stairs. Keep the radius correct by first mounting the stairs.
  10. Mark the position of the center pole and mount it. The pole will need to withstand pressure, as all the weight will be transferred to it.
  11. Now weld the bottom and top step to the center pole.
  12. Attach the other steps.
  13. Next you will need to install the railing. It’s best to buy one specifically made for your spiral staircase.


  • the average number of treads is 16 on a spiral staircase
  • you can determine the size of the risers by dividing the diameter of stairs by Pi (3.14). Then divide the resulted number by the number of treads and you have the outside tread width.
  • make sure that all steps are leveled.
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