Building a staircase landing

Staircase landings can serve as a decorative element or as a corrector for half measures. Whatever the reason, landings are great for enhancing the look of your staircase. Here’s how you can make one yourself:

  1. First of all you will need to design the stairway without the landing.
    Form your elevation plan. Make sure that you draw the plan to scale.
  2. Then decide where you want the landing to be placed. Landings are usually placed in places where the staircase needs to change direction or at the bottom of the staircase.
  3. Form the sub-floor for the landing by using the tread’s height. The location of the tread influences the location of the landing.
  4. The minimum measurements for a landing are 3 by 3 feet. The length should be increased by 12 inches if you plan on attaching the landing to the next group of stairs with the stringer.
  5. Use 2 by 4 floor joists and plywood to frame the landing. You can use stairs to form the landing or place boards to match the wood.
  6. To create a uniform look, most builders allow at least 3 steps before and after the landing.
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