Candy leis for graduation

Although in the past leis were used to represent peace, nowadays they are offered to friends or family as a symbol of warm feelings and friendship. The best choices to make lei are candies. Try to choose single wrapped candies that are resistant to the heat produced by the human body.

Steps to follow:

  • Buy different colored sweets to make your candy lei. You can use any sweet that does not melt when it gets in contact with the heat that the human body releases. Avoid chocolate.
  • Purchase a pack of plastic wrap from the store. You can choose a colored or a transparent one. Put a sheet of plastic wrap on the table. It should measure 4 feet if the candy lei is for an adult or 3 feet if you are to give it to a child.
  • Put pieces of candies down the center of the wrap paper. Leave a small space between your candies. This way you can tie a piece of ribbon between each candy piece. If you want to put more candies in a place, leave a bigger space between them.
  • Pull up from the bottom of the plastic wrap and fold it over the top to meet the other side. Fold up the plastic wrap until it is secured. Remove the excess of plastic wrap if necessary to make the colors of the candies visible.
  • Choose the type of ribbon you want to use and cut it into about 6 inches pieces. Tie it in between the candies, make a bow or curl it.
  • Form your candy lei by attaching the two ends of the ribbon together. Use a piece of ribbon to tie them.
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