Central home heating with solar power

If you are thinking of cutting down the costs for central heating, then you have a solution: solar home heating. Solar energy is one way you can cut costs with energy. There are two ways you can take advantage of solar power, one active way by capturing, storing and distributing the energy, and one passive alternative that will help you warm your home.

Active solar heating

Using this method you can capture the energy and store it into a metal box with a glass top to allow the sun to heat the air inside. The heat is transferred to water or glycol filled pipes or air tubes and the pumped throughout the house using pumps or fans.

Passive solar heating

In a passive system, your house design captures the sun’s heat and releases it as the house cools. This system does not use pumps or fans to move the heat. The walls of your home and even the floors can all be used to collect the store then give their heat. In the summer time, the system can be set to block the heat.

Solar heating system

Users must know that large collector panels are only required for active solar heating systems. Passive heating systems do not use such panels, making them less noticeable. To help the heating system, you can use your blinds to trap the heat from the sun after the sun goes down. Windows can also be coated with reflecting layers to reflect the sun rays in the summer.

Use insulation, especially in your attic. Also seal your windows and door to prevent air movement. Painting your house with a darker shade will help you attract heat.

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