Child proofing a staircase

It’s very important to child-proof your stairs. Kids are very curious and they can get injured from falling down the stairs. Child-proofing the stairs means installing a couple of small gates, special railings and banister shields.

Follow the next steps:

  1. The baby gates will need to be installed at the top and bottom of the staircase. This will prevent the babies from falling down the stairs, and from running up and down the stairs.
  2. Next thing you will need to do is secure the banister posts. The space between the rails should not be of more than 3.5 inches. If so, then install banister shields. This will prevent them from getting stuck between banisters.
  3. You can also install a smaller handrail, place at about 36 inches high. This will help them climb the stairs more easily. Secure it with brackets.


  • secure the additional handrail in the wall’s studs.
  • use secured lock and not pressure-mounted baby gates. They will still be able to open them.
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