Choosing a spiral staircase

Spiral staircases are very popular among homeowners. They give your home a great appearance and they increase the value of your home. They are great for smaller homes because they occupy only a fraction of the space of standard staircase.

So here is how you should choose a spiral staircase:

  1. First of all you will need to asses the area where you want to install it. Think if you are going to install the staircase outside your home, or inside. What material you want it to be made of? Then measure the distance from floor to floor and also approximate the staircase diameter.
  2. One simple solution is to choose a spiral staircase kit from a known manufacturer. These kits are easy to install. You will only need a few basic carpentry skills and a few tools.
  3. If you think you can handle it, you can purchase some spiral staircase plans and build it from scratch. You will need only a few tools and patience.
  4. You can search on the internet for staircase dealers. You should take some measurements and prepare your questions before you call them.
  5. If money is not a problem, you can order a custom-made staircase. You can even sketch your ideas and the manufacturer will make it happen. They will give you a written estimate of the costs and materials.
  6. It doesn’t matter which type of spiral staircase you have installed as long as it adheres to the local building codes. This will ensure that the staircase is safe.


  • You need to know that costs can greatly vary depending on the size of the staircase and on the materials used. Check multiple dealers before choosing one.
  • You also need to consider the fact that by building a spiral staircase you won’t be able to move large pieces of furniture around the house. You will need another access point for this.
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