Choosing the right metal for a spiral staircase

Metal spiral staircases are a great addition to any home, especially because they are very durable and elegant. They add a modern feeling to any home. They are great for small spaces.

They can also be made from wood, but metal has become more popular. There are a few types of metal used for spiral staircases.

Aluminum staircases

These staircases are functional and very long lasting. You can paint them and they will last for decades. Aluminum is less durable then steel and iron because it’s very light. Aluminum has a very sterile look, some owners think.

Steel staircases

These stairs are also very durable and lost lasting, and have almost the same properties as aluminum. It can also look sterile and dull. You can also paint them. Steel is heavier than aluminum, making it more durable.

Iron staircases

Iron is very popular among metal spiral staircases. Many warehouse and loft conversion are equipped with well designed iron spiral staircases. It can be painted and it’s also very durable.

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