Choosing the right spiral staircase

If you are looking for a space-saving solution for your staircase, then spiral staircases are the answer. You can also find a kit for a small budget, and they will also be very elegant.

Small budget spiral staircase kit

A standard steel spiral staircase kit will be a great solution for your small budget.

You can add some wooden tread covers and a wood handrail to enhance the look. These kits are very easy to install and they can be custom-made on your necessary dimensions.

Forged iron spiral staircase

Another inexpensive solution for you is a forged iron spiral staircase. It offers a beautiful architectural appearance. It’s one of the most sturdy staircases that you will find and they also have a modern look. They are great for outdoor use.

DECO spiral staircases

For a more contemporary look, the DECO staircases is the perfect choice. They are made from round tubes bend into the shape of a helix. You can choose to make the helix from 3 to 7 lines of metal. The staircase can be made from smooth steel, bar grate or wood covers.

Wooden spiral staircases

Wood spiral staircases are great if you want to avoid that out-of-a-kit staircase look. They are ideal for indoor use. They will always offer a great look.

Choosing the right location

The location of the staircase depends on the structure of your home and of the purchased kit. Think if you are going to install the staircase outdoor or indoor. For outdoor use, aluminum staircases are the best. You can also paint your staircase. Galvanized steel staircases are another outdoor great solution for outdoor use.


Purchasing a spiral staircase kit makes it possible for your to design it at any dimensions. Choose the type of material carefully. Think about the look that you want the staircase to have.

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