Concrete balusters

If you want to add a regal look to your home, then concrete balusters should be your choice. Nowadays you can just buy concrete balusters, though they will need some special ordering and professional installation. Also, they are very expensive.

But why give away so much money when you can do it by yourself.

Baluster molds is what you’ll have to use. They are usually made from heavy-duty plastic. You can go buy them from any hardware stores. They also come with all the fixtures needed. The bad part is that the shapes may be limited. The best thing you can do is ask for a catalog and choose one mold, then order it.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Baluster molds
  • White concrete (Regular concrete or Portland cement is an acceptable choice; however, the white concrete is going to create a finer and more perfect outcome.)
  • Sand
  • Small shovel
  • 1/2-inch rebar

Fitting the molds together

All molds come with a set of pins. You will need to use these to fix the molds together. Follow the instructions from the manufacturer. After you have fixed them together, you can coat them with motor oil to help you release the them from the concrete. Don’t use edible oil or unrefined one.

To make sure that your concrete baluster is more resistant, put a1/2 inch piece of rebar in the middle of the mold.

Mixing the concrete

This really depends on the type of concrete you’re using. If you want to use white concrete, then you should mix one part concrete and two parts sand. If you’re using normal cement, mix one part cement and three parts sand.


Now it’s time to add the cement to the mold. There is one thing you need to have in mind and this is related to the smooth finish. Just stir the cement in the mold to ensure an even layer.

Removing the molds

This depends on the time of the year and of the temperature of the air. In summer time, the cement may dry up in 12 hours. Although it may dry quickly, you should let it dry for more than 24 hours. Now just remove the pins and the molds. You can now set the baluster where ever you want.

To make more balusters, just repeat the steps.

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