Converting a straight staircase to a dogleg one

It may happen that you should need more space for your cloth, shoes, etc. and the only space that you could have spared is under the stairs, but because the staircase is a straight one, you cannot enjoy the full benefits. A solution can be converting your straight staircase to a dogleg one.

Here’s how you can do it.


  • Claw hammer
  • Level
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Jig saw
  • Wood
  • Wood screws
  • Power drill with screwdriver bits
  1. Think about the space you want to save. You will need to make some precise measurements.
  2. Now it’s time to dismantle the old staircase. Remove the treads from the steps where you plan on making the cuts.
  3. Now you should create a support to attach it to the straight staircase. This will support it after you make the cut. Place the support above the place where you want the landing and below it.
  4. Use a jigsaw to cut down the front of the riser where you want the dogleg turn. Make sure that the cut is level. Remove the bottom section. You should know that in the case of a dogleg staircase you can keep the middle part of the stairs if you keep the cuts plumb.
  5. Next build a square frame with the same measurements as the stair. Measure the height between the ground and the bottom of the last step. Place one frame under each corner.
  6. Use wood screws to secure the stringer for the upper portion of the stairs. Lift the framework for the landing. The stringer should make a 90-degree angle with the bottom part. You can now remove the temporary supports from both the upper and lower section of the staircase.
  7. Now cover the landing with boards. Place a riser just below the landing to the first step after the turn. Replace the treads. This is it. You’ve transformer your staircase into a dogleg one.
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