Cooking hamburgers on the stove

Nowadays, hamburgers have become almost everyone`s favorite food. There are several ways to make delicious burgers, but they have the greatest flavor when cooked on the stove.

             How to do it

  1. Divide the meat into patties and form bigger or smaller round shapes.
    Don`t forget that ground beef becomes smaller when cooked.
  2. After you have put the burgers in the skillet, heat your burner over medium heat. Take care when you use the burner if you have children.
  3. Cover the skillet with a proper lid, otherwise the grease will spread all over the stove.
  4. Let the burgers cook for almost eight minutes on each side. Don`t cook them too much because they will burn.
  5. Press the middle of the burger with a spatula. Do the same for the whole burger. When it`s done, you will see some clear liquid coming out. If not ready, let the burger cook for several more minutes and repeat the action.
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