Custom spiral staircases

Custom spiral staircases can be made from wood, steel and even granite. Spiral staircases involve a lot of planning. You should always ask the opinion of an expert.

If the measurements aren’t accurate, then the custom staircase won’t fit in your home.

Log for spiral staircases

The log staircases are some of the best custom made staircases. There is a wide variety of custom log spiral staircase styles. You can even buy hand-hewn log spiral staircases. They are very functional and they are great looking.

Luxury spiral staircases

Luxury staircases provide an elegant look to your home. They are usually made from mahogany, cherry or oak and are carpeted. They are only made from the finest quality materials. You can buy a historic replica.

Victorian and Parisian staircases

If you want a touch of elegance and tradition, then Parisian and Victorian staircases should be your choice. They can be classic and elegant and quite simple. They will need a material with more details and also more textures to enhance their appearance.

Simple or fancy staircases

Plain stairs can be accented with fancy hand rails or lacy stairs. Many staircases are built with carpet coverings. Also solid risers will give a nice look to your stairs.

Double helix staircases

Double helix staircases are made with two handrails and it takes much more space than normal staircases. It has no center posts so the curves are very elegant. It can be made from any type of wood. It has a wide walk-way making it easier for you to carry larger objects. It also offers double security because of the extra handrail.

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