Ecological accessories made up of soda can tabs

When it comes to accessories, teenagers are very interested in everything that is new. A very fancy and unusual accessory is represented by bracelets made up of soda can tabs. Besides the fact that they are ecological, they are very easy to do.

 All you need is a pair of scissors, ribbon and soda can tabs.

How to do it:

  1. The base of the bracelet is represented by a two and a half feet long ribbon. You can replace it with any kind string or thread you like.
  2. Take a pop tab and introduce it on the ribbon. Make sure that the tab is in the center of your ribbon. To avoid hurting yourself, place the pointed part of the tab face down.
  3. Put another pop tab so that the pointed part of the second tab in on the pointed part of the first one. Thread each ribbon through holes formed by overlapping tabs.
  4. Get a third tab and put it on top, overlapping and thread the ribbons through the opposite hole forming an X on top.
  5. Take another tab and place it behind the third one, sharp side facing up, overlapping. Thread ribbons through to front. Keep doing this until your bracelet is as long as you need.
  6. Place the last tab in back with the sharp side facing up. Tie ribbon ends in a knot and then fasten the two ends of your bracelet together.
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