Fixing handrails to a wall

Ensuring safety is the most important thing when you have to deal with staircases. This is why you should always have a handrail installed. If you are considering installing a wall handrails, you will just need a few tools and the help of a friend.

  • If you are thinking of reinstalling a handrail, because it is a little loose, just remove all the screws and brackets with the help of a power drill. Set the handrail aside.
  • Now, measure the length of the handrail that you want to install, if it’s the same handrail, maybe you will want to cut it a little.
  • Now, just put the handrail on the wall. You will need the help of a friend. Mark the spots where the brackets will be installed.
  • Drill some holes for the brackets. Be sure not to use the same holes.
  • Fix the brackets in place. Now use your power drill to fix the handrail to them.
  • Clean up the debris.
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