Free moving boxes

If you are looking to move and trying to lower the expenses, one way of saving money is to find some free moving boxes. And I can give you some tips on how to obtain it. Supply yourself with as many boxes as you can find, one can never know how many stuff he has.


  • If you have any acquaintance at school, work or church who just moved, ask this person for any boxes that you can utilize. Normally, after moving, people throw away any boxes that occupy space for nothing.
  • Go to any grocery store and ask if they have empty boxes from apples or potatoes that they normally ship back for recycling.
  • Pass by a liquor store and see if you can get some empty boxes. If they have some, the employers will be very happy to get rid of them. And these boxes, by being very strong, are ideal for packing heavy things, like books or dishes.
  • Take into consideration offices and large companies that get supplies in big boxes, like computers. You can ask a friend that works in an office to obtain you some of these boxes, that are very good to pack cloths or blankets.
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