Glass staircase installation

Glass staircases are usually made from 3 components: stringers, risers and treads. Stringers are the parts that are present on both sides of the staircase. Sloping columns they are usually called, and they are made for more structural durability.

The treads form the steps area. The risers are small vertical regions that connect the stair sections. The installation of a glass staircase isn’t that easy. It requires precise measuring because cutting the glass isn’t that easy.

Staircase stringer

You will need to calculate the stringer spread. Measure twice as it will be impossible to modify the length of the stringer. You can ask the retailer for the load capacity a stringer can take. For every domestic, glass staircase, you will need around 2-3 stringers.

Staircase risers

For calculating the ideal height of each riser you will need to measure the total rise of the staircase. Divide the measure by the total number of planned risers to get the approximate value. Before you install them, you will need to pre-cut all the risers. For fixing them, use trim-head screws. Screw it hard if you see that a riser does not sit well on a stair. Be careful though, as glass staircases should n not be subjected to stress created from the risers.

Staircase tread

To install the treads, you will need to start from the bottom of the staircase and go upwards. Measure every tread and also label each of them for accurate positioning. Pre-drill holes to provide more room for late adjustments. Put the treads upon the risers, and if it happens to that the screws are misplaced, force them into place. The stress is distributed on the entire length. If you over-tight the screws, you may induce squeaking.

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