Hawaiian money leis

Hawaiian money leis can be used for different important occasions in a person’s life. Besides the fact that they are very easy to make, all you need is a big amount of 1 $ bills and a few things that you can find in your house. You also need a lot of patience because making Hawaiian money leis takes a lot of time and some cash.


  1. Cut the straws into small pieces.
  2. Overlap a $ 1 bill lengthwise and then unfold it.
  3. Make a fan pleat by folding the $ 1 bill on its width following this pattern: fold across the short sides of the bill and then turn the bill over. Create another fold in the opposite direction; keep doing that until you have folded the entire bill. The pleats should measure about 1 inch.
  4. The center of the bill will have the shape of a tie when you have finished folding it.
  5. Bend a 5.5 feet long ribbon at its half.
  6. Tie two knots in the curled end of the ribbon.
  7. Insert the bent bill beneath the knot and exactly in the middle of the ribbon. Tie two knots under the bill to fix it there.
  8. The next step is to fan each side of the bill out and attach each top and bottom to the other side. If you have followed these instructions correctly, your folded bill should look like a flower.
  9. Attach a small straw to the ribbon underneath the flower.
  10. Keep doing this until you complete the ribbon.
  11. Knot the two ends together and remove any ribbon surplus.
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