How does a solar heating system work?

If you want a cheap and environmental friendly heating system, then a solar heating system should be your choice. The energy costs are zero, and the efficiency is very high.

Solar energy heating system

Solar systems take their energy from the Sun and then convert it into usable energy to heat water.

Solar energy is the cleanest energy of them all, releasing no harmful chemicals into the environment.

Passive solar heating system

Using passive solar systems in your home, can help you reduce the costs with energy by 50%. These systems are very easy to build, and you will be able to install them anywhere on your home. You will not need to install any special equipment to use the benefits of the sun heat. Instead, you will install some special materials used in the structure building that will absorb and distribute the hat throughout your home. These materials are stones for flooring, brick walls, large windows.

You will also need a method of circulating the air throughout your home. If you want to add a passive solar system to your new house, then it won’t cost you more than using normal materials.

Active solar systems

This system works a little different. You will need some special panels for the system to work. These panels will absorb energy, store it and transfer it to a system that will disperse the energy throughout your home, in the form of heat.

Some solar systems use liquid. The solar panels collect the energy and store it until it is needed.

Air solar systems are the most common. Panels are also used for collecting energy. The it is stored until you need it. Also the system has some fans to circulate the air through the house. Circulation is very important to get the air down to the rest of the building.

Solar professionals

Because these systems have become very popular, you will find more and more contractors that can specialize in these constructions.

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