How to bend handrails for spiral staircase

Spiral staircases are a great addition to your home, adding elegance and style to it.

Tauring machine

The easiest way to bend a handrail for a spiral staircase is to use a computerized tauring machine. For stair handrails you should choose a box section, like a semi-circular profile.

Measure the radius of your staircase and set up the machine.

Setting up the machine

The machine uses a series of drive rollers that are set out to achieve a degree of bend required. The metal pipe is pulled through these rollers and then made into an arc.

Wood handrails

If you want wood handrails for a spiral staircase, then you can carve the wood or even bend it.

The carving can be achieved using a spoke shave. Use a compass to mark the circumference. Cut the radius using a coping saw and use a spoke shave to finish it. Now the depth can be scribed using the same tools.

You can bend the wood, just like the metal, using a steam bath and pressure. But be careful when doing this as the temperatures can be quite high.

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