How to cut stair stringers

By cutting stair by yourself, not only that you can customize them, but you can also save a lot of money. Without the right information this can be a hard job, so use this article to get to know a few things about stringers.


It’s very important to make the right measurements.

There are two things you need to measure, the distance from floor to floor and the horizontal size of the stairs. Also determine the number of stairs. By properly determining the size of the stairs you can then choose the right materials and also the right amount.


The workplace is very important. Choose a large area, with plenty of free space. You don’t need a special setting, use the floor to cut the stringers. Safety at the workplace is crucial. You need to know how to use the tools necessary for the cutting. You can call a friend and ask him to help you. Don’t jump in big projects if you do not have the right knowledge. Always use safety goggles and gloves.

Making the cut

There are several methods to help you cut the stringers faster. First of them is using one stair stringer as a model to cut the others. By doing the right tracing, you will ensure that all the other stringers are the same. Also think of the technique you will be using to attach the stringers. If you plan on attaching face boards on the steps, then you will have to cut the stringers a little longer.

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