How to repair creaky wooden staircases

If you are just very annoyed about the creaking of your wood stairs, than you should do something about it. Creacky staircases inform you that the wood is very dry and should be treated. This is a very easy job.

Cupping and bowing

If your stairs make noises when you step on them , then this is a sign that the wood had dried on the treads. These are the flat portions of the stairs.

Sometimes, then wood is so dry that it starts curling, making a cup shape. Bowed stairs are those stairs that have the center raised and the edges curling downward.


First of all determine the problem of the stairs. If noises are made when you step on the center of the stair, then it’s a bowing problem. And with the cupping is the other way around, makes noises when you step on the edges. For a bowing problem you need to insert a small screw in the center of the tread, and two screws in the front and back of the stair in case of a cupping problem.

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