Installation costs for installing a radiant heat on concrete

Radiant heat systems have become more and more popular in the last years. The costs associated with the installation vary depending on the type of system and also the number of rooms, the materials you install one.

Concrete installation

Concrete is a great heat conductor, and it’s one of the most popular materials on which to install a radiant heat system.

But because of the conductibility the heat may be also transferred downwards, wasting energy. This may result in higher maintenance costs and energy costs.


To avoid wasting money on energy, you can combat the downwards heat transfer. Use a subflooring for the heating panels made from insulation. The insulation can become quite expensive if you have a large home, but you will recover the money from the heat energy savings. It can cost you up to $6 per square foot if you want to install a basic hydronic radiant heat floor.


You will need to have a layer over the heating panels of at least 2 inches. This will protect your floor and it will also help distribute the heat evenly. Also add the subflooring insulation. If you have metal furniture, make sure to add some protection because it will absorb the heat.


A nice thing about floor heating is that even if the system is shut down, the heat will still be released from the floor in the following few hours. To save even more money on energy you can use the heating system in rounds of a few hours.

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