Installation costs for installing radiant floor heat on wood

If you want to keep your home warm at low costs, then radiant floor heating should be the system of your choice. But how much does it really cost to install this system?

Floor replacement?

It really depends on the type of wood floor. Laminated wood is great for installing radiant heat systems, but if the wood isn’t treated then it may get damaged and cracked.

This means that you will have to replace the floor. Calculate the cost involved.

New construction or existing one?

It’s a little bit difficult to install a radiant heating system to an existing home. But there is a solution. A retrofit kit system starts at around $500 and will help you reduce the costs with installation.

Adding a system to a new home it’s easier, but you will still have to work on the foundation and maybe adding a level to your home.


Check your local building codes. It doesn’t really matter which of the retrofit kit or the new system you are going to use, you may still need to get a special building permit. Also the installation includes setting up some piping, wiring and you may also need to follow some codes.

Thermostats are an important part of the heating system and you should consider buying one. The thermostat will run the entire heating system so you should buy one that can be programmable. This will ensure a more efficient heating.

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