Installing a spiral staircase kit

Spiral staircase kits are a great way to add a staircase to your home. It can be custom made and you can choose from dozens of styles. You just need to choose a style that fits your home.

If the kit has been delivered to you and you want to install it by yourself, then you should know that it’s an easy process.


  • The first step in the installation process is to secure the base and the pole of your spiral staircase. Then mark the center of the opening. Screw the pole and position the base.
  • Now it’s time to insert the spacers, spacer cans, and treads. Distribute the weight by placing the treads alternately.
  • When you reach the top add another spacer and can before you set the landing.
  • Line up the treads and prepare to install the balusters. The ends of the treads will need to overlap at least 1 inch with the front sides of the next tread.
  • Install the vertical rods to secure the treads in place.
  • Now it’s time to install the handrails and then the newel post.
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