Installing a wireless thermostat

There are two types of thermostat on the market, a wired one and a wireless one. The wireless one can be moved from one room to the other. Both of them can be controlled by a remote control, but the wireless thermostat allows you to control the temperature in a certain room.

Old thermostat

You will need to disconnect the HVAC unit and the thermostat from the power source. Then remove the front panel of the thermostat, and inspect the wiring.

Now remove the existing mounting plate. This is the panel on which the old thermostat was mounted.

Wiring and installation

Disconnect the wires from the thermostat but remember which wire went to which connector. If the wires are the same color, then make a few labels and note them.

Use the instructions from the manual that came with the thermostat. Now the box for the new thermostat should be mounted in the same place as the old thermostat. Also connect the wires to this box. This will give the signal wireless to the portable thermostat indicator. Make sure that there are no wires exposed and also see if all is right with the box.


Use the remote and test the thermostat. Set the temperature high and see if the heating system heats the place correctly. Do the same thing but with a low temperature. If the thermostat also has portable sensors, then place them in different rooms and see if they send any signal to the thermostat.

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