Installing iron staircase balusters

If you have thought updating your staircase, then iron balusters may be the perfect choice. They come on many styles and can add a lot of elegance to your home. Here are a few tips on installing iron staircase balusters.

  1. You will need to conform to your local building codes. The balusters need to placed to no more than 4 inches from one another. Measure the distance between the old balusters and if it’s larger than 4 inches, then you need to install the iron balusters at the required width.
  2. Remove the existing balusters. You can do this by cutting the wooden balusters in half and then just pulling them out.
  3. Now examine the holes from the old balusters. Iron balusters that are ½ of an inch thick require holes at least ¾ of an inch deep, while 9/16 of an inch iron balusters require 1½-inch deep holes. If new holes need to be made, then drill them at the required distance. If the new iron balusters do not need metal shoes, then you can drill holes that are 1/2 to 9/16 of an inch deep. To make the holes square use a chisel.
  4. Next determine the height from the handrail’s bottom to the stair treads. If they are too long then you will need to cut them. Add at least 1 inch and 3/8 to the measured distance because of the ornamentation. Always make the cut from the bottom.
  5. Place one baluster into its place and see how it fits. If it fits nicely, then you can continue with the rest of them.
  6. To fix the iron balusters, put epoxy or any other adhesive into the holes.
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