Installing staircase treads

One of the most challenging home and staircase remodeling aspects is replacing or installing the treads. If you don’t do the job the right way, you risk accidents when people will be using the stairs. Here’s how you should do it:

  1. First of all you will need to measure each tread of the staircase and then use these measurements to cut the new ones.
    You should label all treads so that you will know which one to install where.
  2. You should pre-drill holes in the treads to make the installation process a lot easier. Attach the tread to the stairs using trim screws. Start the installation process from the bottom of the staircase and then work your way up to the top. Install the treads as written on the labels. You will need to install a 2×4 brace between the stringers at the top of the staircase as well as the treads.
  3. To attach the treads firmly, use screws. After you have finished installing each of the treads, check each one of them to make sure that it’s secured. Also get a level and check each treads.
  4. Buy some matching wood putty to fill the screw holes.


  • make sure that the treads are spaced evenly along the staircase.
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