Landing staircase vs Straight staircase

Straight staircases are maybe the most common types of staircases used in homes. Straight staircases represent an uninterrupted flight of stairs. On the other hand, landing staircases have 2 or more flights of stairs, connected by intermediate landings.

About straight staircases

This is the simplest type of stairs. It’s not only easy to plan but also construct. The designs are vast and you can choose almost any material for construction. They have also their cons.

Because they are an interrupted flight of stairs, they will take up much more space than landing staircases. They are not ideal for small homes. Also there is a safety problem. A fall from a straight staircase will be more severe because of the longer run.

About staircases with landing

There are a few types of staircases with landing. You can build an L-shaped staircase, double L-shaped and U-shaped. The L-shaped and the U-shaped staircases have one landing between the two rows of stairs, and the double L-shaped staircase has 2 landings.

Staircases with landing require less space than standard stairs. They are ideal for smaller homes. They are used in lofts, deluxe apartments. They will need more planning and the costs can be a little higher.

Landing staircases are much safer than normal stairs. If someone falls down the stairs, he/she will stop at the landing, so they will fall a short distance only. These stairs are great for elder people and children. You can also use the landing for keeping decorative objects, like flowers.

If you are considering to build a stair lift for elder people, then you should think of this before building the stairs. A landing staircase will not allow you to build such a device, while straight staircases are ideal.

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