Leveling staircase steps

Renovating your old staircase can require you to have some carpentry knowledge. One step where you need to pay great attention is the leveling of the stair steps. If the stair steps aren’t leveled, then the entire staircase can suffer structural problems and they will also represent a hazard for your loved ones.

  1. Check the level of the staircase steps by laying the level lengthwise and width wise.
  2. If the bubble is not in the center, then it means that the steps are not leveled. Measure the space between the level and the staircase treads notches. Note the measurement.
  3. Next place the necessary number of shims or small pieces of wood on the tread notches to make it level.
  4. Now place the treads over the leveled notches. Then verify the level again. If you are satisfied with the results, then you can nail the staircase tread into place.
  5. Repeat the leveling process if there are any problems. Do this for each step.
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