Oak staircase maintenance

Oak staircases add a certain warmth and character to your home. They look the best unpainted because of the grain of oak is so quirky. Because they are so beautiful, it’s best that you perform a periodic maintenance.

If the stairs are new, they may need to be oiled and varnished. If you want to cover them with carpets or rubber track runners, then it’s best that you do not wear any form of heels on the stairs. If you choose to varnish the steps, then too many layers will cause them to become slippery.

General advice

Use natural wood oil to protect the oak steps. Let each layer of oil to settle before applying the next. Polish the stairs at least once a months and the railings twice a month. Keep the rails clean with soap and water. If the traffic is high on the stairs, then the maintenance should be performed even often.

Waxing and polishing

Bee’s wax is the best for oak. If the wax is good quality then it will protect the oak for a long time. If the stairs are old, you can sand them and then apply a few layers of wax and polish. Using tread rubbers is a good idea. They will cover the treads and will prevent them from getting worn so quickly.


If it happens to spill something on the stairs, do not let that liquid soak into the oak. Wash it right away. If the liquid has artificial coloring, then the stairs may get stained and they won’t come off without sanding the stairs.

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