Singer sewing machine - antique or vintage

The price of an antique Singer sewing machine doesn’t always refer to its real value. If produced before 1900, Singer sewing machines are considered  antiques. On the other hand, if a sewing machine is built since 1900, is considered  vintage, being valued by crafters and collectors.


In 1851, Singer started to produce sewing machines, but their price was so high for the middle class that manufacturers had to create a payment plan. Little by little, Singer succeeded in producing affordable sewing machines.


If you want to find out more about your Singer sewing machine, call at 1-800-4-SINGER. On the right side of the machine bed you can find a serial number; according to it, Singer will inform you about the model number and the producing year. Knowing this, you can establish if it’s an antique or vintage and find out the real value of your sewing machine.


An old Singer passed to you from generation to generation can have both sentimental and material value. You should also take into account its decorative beauty. Designers prefer the treadle machines while collectors and crafters like better the Featherweights built after 1900.


It is a big difference between the first Singer sewing machine and the models produced nowadays. Patented by Singer in 1859, recent models featured lock-stitch shuttle. One difference between the older and the recent models is that the first ones had one pedal while the second ones had two. Only after 1900, manufacturer produced cabinet enclosures for the sewing machines.


Singer machines built before 1900 can get nice money if they are in good condition. If the machine is functional with all of the original parts, it becomes more valuable for the collectors. On the other hand, machines built after 1900 must be in perfect condition to keep their real value.

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