Spiral staircase plan on a budget

Spiral staircases can be planed and installed even on a tight budget. You can purchase the plans for the stairs from a kit manufacturer and then build and install if yourself. You won’t have to do any welding if you buy a kit, so the installation process is very simple.

You can find the best prices on the internet.

Stairs measurements

The first thing that you will need to measure is the height from floor to ceiling. If you have cut the opening, then measure from floor to the top of the opening. Also you will need to measure the opening. These are all the measurements that you will need to do.


If you are short of treads, then you should know that the spiral stairs are not measured as straight stairs. They will need a higher height for the risers in order to work. If you have bought a staircase kit, then you should find the right measures in the instructions provided.

Assembling the staircase

You can assemble the stairs in just one day if you have someone to help you. You do not need to hire a contractor, but someone with experience should do the cutting. If you have pipes and wires in the way of the staircase, then you should call a contractor.

Painting and decorating the staircase

If you want a cheaper staircase kit, then it won’t come stained or painted. The painting should be done after the installation to prevent any scratches and repaint jobs. Use only oil-based paints. If you have galvanized stairs, then you should consult a local paint store for a special paint.

Before the installation

If you have bought a staircase kit, then follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Also see if the kit has all the parts necessary for the construction.

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