Staircase construction designs

Staircases are an important construction in your house and you need to analyze all possibilities and designs before you go and buy them. You do not want to regret you have bought a certain design. Remaking your stairs will cost you maybe more than it did for their installation, so choose carefully.

Simple staircase design

This is the standard staircase that runs from floor to floor without any curves and without changing direction. This type of stair occupies a lot of space and it’s suitable for larger houses.

L-shaped staircases

As its name says, it’s L-shaped. It has a long stairway that finished with a small landing with a few stairs. This design is used usually around walls and corners.

Spiral staircase

This is another popular design for staircases. You can mount these stairs almost anywhere. The best thing is that they occupy less space then normal stairs.

Open design

This is a more modern design. The entire staircase is open to view, meaning that they are not blocked in with any wood structure. These are popular in industrial buildings, outside buildings, lofts.

Slit level

This type of design was very popular in the 1980s. These stairs connected the bottom level with the top one through a series of landings and turns. They were encapsulated by wall, making them difficult to maneuver large objects.

Open rail

If you want to keep the feel of an old house, then this should be the design of your choice. They use wrought iron railings in the construction. These give the staircase an old appeal.

Large and elegant

Older homes with larger hallways should opt for this design. These stairs have a very large bottom opening which tapers as you ascend. They have a wide open expanse.

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