Stairs with iron railings

Iron railing not only that offer great support for people, but also they offer a great look to the stairs and, of course, to the building. Installing iron railing is not a hard job, but you need to be careful because the fixing must be done properly. it’s safety that you’re playing with.

Materials You Will Need

  • Drill
  • Iron Railing (bought as a set)
  • Level
  • Vacuum
  • Safety Goggles
  • Caulking Gun
  • Measuring Stick
  • Epoxy Adhesive

The right railing for your stairs

Look around the rooms. The style of the railings should be one tat fits the current decor. If the house is older, you may not want some modern iron railings.

After you found the right style for your house, be sure that it’s treated to protect it from rust. Be sure that the company offers you a warranty.

Laying the railing

First of all you need to put the railings on the ground to make sure you assemble it the right way. Also, you need to know the distance between the poles.

Baluster holes

Mark the spots of the balusters. Make the right measurements. Use only professional tools. You should avoid tape measure, because it’s not very accurate. The hole will need to be 1/2 an inch larger than the post to allow easy insertion. This will also permit adding more adhesive. The hole needs to be 2 inches deep. Insert the baluster to see if it’s a fit.

Keeping work area clean

Clean all the debris on the stairs. If you don’t do this, dust and other particles will fill the hole and then the baluster will stick to them rather than to the concrete stairs.

Mixing the adhesive

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Now fill the caulk gun with the adhesive.


Fill the space around the baluster with adhesive. Always make sure that the railing is even before you apply the adhesive into the next hole. Allow the adhesive to properly dry.

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