Types of staircases

Think of which type fits your home best.

Straight staircase

The most popular and common type is the straight staircase. The top part can be shaped as a T so that people can turn either left or right, or L shaped in case these is a wall on one side.

Spiral staircase

Spiral staircases are perfect for small spaces. There is a central pole with stairs around it.

Circular staircase

This type is also good for small spaces. The difference between them and spiral staircases is that they don’t have a central pole and they have a wider curve.

Elliptical staircase

The name says it all. The elliptical staircase is narrower at the bottom and at the top and wider in the middle.

Freestanding staircase

This means that you can walk beneath them. All staircases can be freestanding. It depends on the structure. Every spiral staircase is freestanding.

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