Use paper to make a chef hat

If your child likes to cook next to you in the kitchen, a funny thing you can do is to make him a chef hat. Besides the fact that it is very is to do, a paper chef hat will make your child feel really important while cooking. The best part is that you don’t need expensive things to do a chef hat, only a few items that you can find in your house.

Steps to follow:

  1. Take three sheets of paper measuring 8 ½ by 14 inches and fix them with adhesive tape. The result should be an 8 ½ by 40 inches long sheet.
  2. Bend the paper along its length size to look like an accordion. It depends on you how big the pleats are.
  3. Take another two sheets of paper and fix them using adhesive tape. You should get a 8 ½ by 27 inches sheet of paper.
  4.  To make the “cuff” of the toque, wrap up the underside 1 ½ inch by the length of the sheet you made before, resulting in 7-by-27 inch long paper.
  5. Strain the paper looking like an accordion until it has the length equal to the folded one. Add adhesive tape on the back of the sheet and make sure that you placed the fold in the front. Get your child involved by encouraging him to decorate the hat. He can write his name or paint something on it.
  6. Before you close the two ends with adhesive tape, measure it around your child’s head, just to be sure you got the right measures. After you done this, you are ready to start cooking together with your little help.
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