Wood stair parts

There are many wood stair parts and for a beginner this can be overwhelming when installing the staircase. In the next article we will explain each of these parts.

What are the stringers?

The stringers are those parts installed on the sides of the staircase.

They create a zig-zag looking pattern and are always running at an angle. They provide even space for the steps and also act as a brace by holding the stairs.

What are the treads?

These are the parts that you walk on. They are pieces of wood, wider horizontally than vertically. They need to be at least 8 inches in depth. The bull-nose is the part of the tread that extends over the step below.

What are the risers?

These are the pieces that help build the staircase vertically. They give the rise of the step. The parts are attached to the treads and to the stringers. The risers need to be painted in durable oil based paint because of the wear they are prone to.

What are the balusters?

These are the pieces that connect the handrails to the stringers. They usually also have a decorative purpose. They need to be spaced evenly and the space between them shouldn’t be larger than 4 inches.

What is the balustrade?

It’s also called a handrail. This part extends on top of the balusters. It’s main purpose is safety. It helps you stay safe while climbing the steps.

What is the newel post?

These are the two post located at the bottom and on the top of the stairs. Usually these are the strongest focal points and architectural features of the staircase.

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