4 vibrant colors for window curtains

You can simply brighten up a room just by adding some colorful window curtains. The curtains catch the outside light and wash the room in a warm color.

Bright red

Bright red window curtains are nice for dinning rooms or living rooms.

It can be used to compliment a room painted in green, brown, black, and gray. You can also use the color to brighten up the kitchen or the bathroom.

Lemon Yellow

This color is great for small spaces. Use it in bathrooms and laundry rooms. The lemon yellow can also be used for bedrooms because it’s a calming color.

Vibrant purple

This color can add a regal feeling to a living room, guest room, or dining area. It has become more and more popular.

Neon Colors

Neon windows curtains in hot pink, lemon yellow, and lime green are very lovely and are especially preferred by kids. These give a modern pallet to the house.

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