Colors for your house

Colors are very important for a house, not only for the look, but also for the energy.

Yellow it’s the color that the eye sees the fastest. Soft yellows inspire energy and joy.

It also help brighten a room and makes a room seem bigger. In large amounts it can be also stimulating.

Green is the ultimate pacifier. It’s associated with nature and it’s relaxing and reassuring. Light green inspires growth, and dark green wealth.

Blue give a freshness feeling. It also inspires relaxation. In light hues it gives an airy and open feeling, while dark blue means respect, wealth and strength.

Purple is the color of nobles but it can also be a flowery color and can add a refreshing feeling.

Red attracts attention, causes excitement, and even raises blood pressure. It can be very distracting in large amounts. Red is also associated with wealth and sophistication.

Orange inspires warmth. Can be distracting but at the same time can attract attention.

Black inspires elegance but also fright. Black is a color of contradictions that relies largely on the effect of the other colors used with it. This color makes rooms feel more intimate and smaller.

White means airy and freshness. It makes small places look bigger.

The following colors are ones of the most popular used in interior decoration:

  • Innocent Blush – envelops the viewer in softness and comfort. It’s a more feminine and nurturing color.
  • Biscotti – a neutral color that is softer than the traditional carmel.
  • Wasabi – this sophisticated hue is a sheer wash of Celadon, faintly yellowed, with a little of gray.
  • White Veil
  • Aluminum Foil – the interpretation of silver
  • Colorado Mist – it is described as a warm silver
  • Spaqua – this hue is similar to the edge color of a thick sheet of plate glass.
  • Aero Blue – a timeless and spiritual color. Represented as a sky approaching dusk.
  • Atlantis Blue – a universal blue for all cultures.
  • Royal Plum – expands the purple palette with coloring that is acceptable for all markets. In its deep hue, royal plum can serve as a neutral, a bridge to other colors, or it can stand alone.
  • Wild Berry – bright red.
  • Red Rock – influenced metallic color – iron ore hues.
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