How to bring spring to your home

Spring was always a season of joy and regeneration after the cold, sad winter. And the same ambiance has to be achieved in your house with warm and fresh colors.

  1. To bring the energy and joy in your home use warm colors and floral prints for pillows, vases and window treatments.
    Those are cheap and easy to do, making your space cheerful and relaxing.
  2. Repaint your room by using light, happy colors that are expressive for spring and fit the décor.
  3. Buy houseplants to bring more nature and a touch of color to your house. The rooms will seem more comfortable and impressive.
  4. Everything has to be natural, even the fabrics and textures. A good example would be wicker furniture and jute rugs.
  5. A final touch of fresh flowers is everything you need. The warm colors and beautiful scent bring spring in every corner of your house. Cut the stems at a 45 degree angle and put preservatives in the water to prolong their life.
  6. Embrace the sunlight and allow it to enter your home by using light, easy to move panels for the window treatments.
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