Painting concrete porches

You have had enough with the old and colorless porch? Why don’t you try painting it? With just a few steps you can transform the front of your house in a beautiful and pleasant spot to relax.

1. First of all, choose a nice day to paint it.

It must not be rainy. Clean the concrete from debris and dirt. If it’s really dirty, you can try and wash it a few days before starting the painting process. Also, check to see if the porch has cracks. If it does, use some concrete caulk to cover them. Do this a day before you paint it.

2. The easiest way and fastest to paint the concrete is to pour some little paint on the concrete and then use a roller to spread it. Use oil based paints because they are more resistant. Apply a thick first layer. Apply it fast because it tends to dry faster, especially outdoors.

3. Apply another layer after the first one has dried. Choose darker colors to hide stains. To make yourself a better idea about the color, drive around your neighborhood and look for painted porches. You can repeat the painting process every year or two, to keep it nice looking.

4. Always use protective gloves because oil based paints are harder to remove.

5. don’t be cheap in this paint. It is for outdoor use and it will wear off fast. Buy more resistant ones. Also, you can add some sand in the paint to add a texture.

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