Painting the inside trim

To make your house look a little bit nicer you can try painting the inside trim.

Steps to follow

1. The first thing you have to do is to prepare the surface for paint.

Smooth out any surface imperfections and remove any chips of old paint. Clean the surface with water and soap. Wait for it to dry and then spackle all the holes and bumps you can find (by putting a tiny amount of spackle on your knife and applying it over the hole and then removing the excess). Now let the spackle dry.

2. Sand the spackle. You have to sand the wood with a light sand paper so that the new paint will stick to it. Clean the dust left behind from the sanding. You can use painters tape if you don’t have a steady hand, run this tape along your trim and stick it to the wall.

3. Priming. Priming makes the paint stick better and stops it peel later on. Apply the primer and wait for it to dry. The drying time is specified on the can. When the primer is dry you can apply the new coat of paint. You may have to apply a few coats for a perfect result (letting each coat dry).

4. Now you have to caulk the sides of the trim. You will need to have a caulk gun and caulk or a squeeze tube of paintable caulk.

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