Tips for framing your pictures

A picture frame has to express your personality, the feeling put in the picture and has to fit the décor your home or office. If you want to highlight a picture, use an interesting, suitable frame. The ones made from antique wood can be used in rustic houses, meanwhile the more minimalist frames work quite well for offices or modern homes.


You can display your picture using 2 pieces of unframed glass clinched together by a base. Your picture will stand out because of the simplicity, being suitable for an office or a modern home.

Antique wood

If you want to give a vintage beauty to your picture, use antique, unpainted wood for the frame. You can buy it at any craft store or simply use some old pieces you find in your barn by attaching 4 of those pieces and adding plastic or glass window to the back. You can create an antique, rustic look by scratching the paint from a new wooden frame.

Paint it yourself

Create your own picture frame, expressing your personality by painting an unfinished frame. You can use the same colors like in the picture and make it look like the picture expands beyond the frame. Involve your children in the act of creation, if the frame is for his room.

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