How to forward a home phone number to a cell phone

It’s very easy to loose an important call from a client or from house services when you are more on the road than at home. This is why many people choose to forward their phone number calls to their cell phones.

Check to see if your home phones uses a *72/73 code, and you should also call your phone service provider, for more information.

For the process, you will need your home phone and cell phone.

1. Press *72 and then enter the number of the phone that you would like your calls to be redirected. Once your call is answered, the forwarding system is in process.

2. Now it’s time to see if the system works. Call your home number from another phone, and see if it calls on your cell phone.

3. If the system works, your home phone will ring once, and then the call will be forwarded to your cell phone.

4. If you want to turn the forwarding system off, then press *73 and you will get a confirmation voice.

Although call forwarding is a great way to be kept informed, it shouldn’t be used for a long-term. Every time you will be called, you will be taxed by the minute. If it’s important to keep costs low, then consider buying an answering machine that can be remotely accessed by cell phone.

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