Repairing a cell phone with water damage

If your phone takes water damage, then you should immediately take care of it, or it may never work again. It depends a lot on the salt amount found in the water.

For the repairing process you will need some alcohol, dry uncooked rice, hair drier, and a box a little bigger than your phone.

Step 1: take the water out of the cell phone.

Disassemble the phone and dry all the water. Electricity and water don’t get along and the circuits can be damaged. Take the battery off immediately.

Step 2: dip the phone in alcohol

Next, dip the phone in alcohol. It needs to be completely covered. This help get rid of the water. After 5 minutes take the phone out of the alcohol and let it dry.

Step 3: rice and phone

Put the phone in a box full of rice. This will absorb all the remaining water. You should leave it there for about 24 hours. After this, try to start the phone.

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