What does your cell phone say about you

Phones have been used to document wars and world-changing disasters. Millions use them to keep in touch, get informed, listen to music, watch movies etc. Many of them are more than just phones.

Get or give a laugh

Use your cell phone to share jokes with loved ones. Think about it as keeping them healthy. This is because laughter has been proved to be very healthy for your body, especially by lowering blood pressure.


You can choose from a large variety of cell phones applications that can make your day better and more fun. Also you can browse through the internet.

Ring your bell

Many people use customized ring tones. These, not only tell a lot by yourself, but you can also use them to identify other callers: parents, friends, spouses etc.

Record your life

Get a phone with a camera and use it to take photos and videos from daily activities. Many important and some monumental events were transmitted through cell phones.

Decorate your world

One of the most used methods for personalizing your phone is to choose a wallpaper. This can tell if you are a teen, a musician, business man etc.

However you are using your mobile device, you are making a statement about yourself, whether you choose different wallpaper or ringtones.

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