4 mistakes to avoid on bathtub caulking

You should be very careful with the bathroom caulking because you don’t want to reapply it because of a simple mistake. Here are some tips that all finishes well.

Remove old bathtub caulking

Remove the old caulking completely before applying new one.

This is essential, because it has to be done quickly and you don’t wanna stop because of some old remains of caulking.

Easy bathtub caulking clean up

Avoid messy caulking around the tiles. An easy way to apply caulk and then clean the excess is by masking the area you’ll be applying it with duct tape. Then use your finger to spread the caulk evenly to the cracks and then just remove the duct tape.

Don’t accept substitute caulking

Many shops sell self-adhesive caulking strips. They don’t work very well, and they are awful against water leaks or seepage. The best way is to use traditional caulk.

Fill the bathtub before caulking

Don’t start to apply the caulk before you fill the bathtub with water. This way you will prevent the weight of the bathtub pulling it off the wall. If you don’t do this the caulk will crack and it will offer no protection against seepage.

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